When singer and songwriter Giada Valenti took notice of the tsunami tragedy in Asia in 2004, she also heard that one of the first things needed to help the people was clean drinking water. Clean drinking water is essential to preventing additional disasters of epidemics of such diseases as cholera and typhus.

This need inspired her to put in motion an idea that she has had in mind for several years. She wants to use her music and her contacts in the music industry to raise funds to help people. Her idea is to start an initiative entitled; Music For Water. The objective is to raise funds for clean water projects with annual music events and music-related fund-raising campaigns.

The Music For Water will not take action only when disasters, like the tsunami in 2004, occur. It will raise funds annually.

The lack of clean water is one of the largest problems of this time, not only in regions hit by disaster, but also every day in regions of Africa and elsewhere. Closer to home, our clean drinking water is often threatened by pollution.

Giada wants to raise money with her Music For Water initiative to help fund projects that are involved in obtaining and preserving clean water.
Human Health
Human health depends on having safe, adequate, accessible and reliable water supply. Half the world's 6 billion people lack proper sanitation and a billion cannot get safe drinking water. In many parts of the world 90% of all diseases are related to.
Agriculture produces the major share of the food we eat and is the largest user of fresh water, accounting for some threequrters of global water consumption. Improved water use efficiency and conservation is vitalto meet basicfood requirements.
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