February 2018

Italian singer Giada Valenti walks a delicate line with her forthcoming take on “Gracias a La Vida.” Sung in Spanish, the track has a rich and storied history, but Valenti and producer/engineer Jorge Velasco don’t attempt to copy what has gone before, making “Gracias a La Vida” uniquely her own.

Giada Valenti was inspired to re-interpret this classic composition from the pioneering Nueva Cancion legendVioleta Parra of Chile by personal battles with pancreatic tumors. During her hospital stay, Valenti thought of the wonderful things she had in her life and how she should continue to express gratitude for her life’s journey. “Gracias a La Vida” was the perfect choice. Boasting a title that translates as “thanks to life” in English, the song touches on family, friends and those little things which make everything worthwhile.

After major surgeries and a return to health, Valenti and Velasco worked with a core group of musicians who were able to convey her optimism, gratitude and joy through muted acoustic guitars, piano, Hammond Organ, percussion and drums. Perhaps this is an example of what pure joy and gratitude should sound like. Giada Valenti’s “Gracias a La Vida,” due on February 23, 2018, is indeed a worthy tribute to life.

January 13 - New York

January 14 - New York

April 19 - Las Vegas

August 25 - Stonington, CT

October 18 - New York City 
October 27 - Las Vegas

Christmas Tour 2018 : TBA soon.
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September 2017​

What better place to be noticed by a professional Italian singer than through a video of you singing at a restaurant in Italy? 

That's how Lower Burrell's Colin Aikins was discovered by Italian singer Giada Valenti, a Venice native, who saw and heard him performing through a friend's post on Facebook. 
The young tenor's voice inspired Valenti so much she invited him to be her special guest at her "Giada Valenti: From Venice With Love" performance on Sept. 30 at the Hillman Center for Performing Arts in Fox Chapel.

Accompanied by her own band, Valenti is known for taking her audiences on a romantic and magical journey as she performs her own interpretations of hits from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s, as well as recent songs. 

She sings and speaks in five languages and pays tribute to iconic singers like Karen Carpenter, Edith Piaf, Linda Ronstadt, Etta James, Roberta Flack, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Gloria Estefan and Selena Quintanilla. 

Valenti contacted Aikins' mother, Maria Aikins, and invited her son to sing with Valenti. 
"I am so thankful she asked me," says Colin Aikins, 17, a senior at Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School in Oakland. "I have been so excited ever since she asked me to sing with her. I love Italian music, and she is such a famous Italian singer who is known all over the world. This is such a cool thing and a dream come true. I can't believe I am really doing this." 

Aikins and his classmates and teacher were at Zi Caterina in Pompeii, Italy, this summer as members of the Pittsburgh Central Catholic Baginski Scholars. His teacher asked the guitar player if Aikins could sing along, videotaped the performance and posted it on Facebook. 

"He is from a Catholic school, and I am very religious and I like to visit schools and meet young people when I visit a city, so he was a perfect young man to invite to sing with me," says Valenti, who also will visit Central Catholic to meet and sing with the students on Sept. 29. "When I talked with him, he is such a sweet, young guy, and I am so happy to share the stage with him. His voice has such a warm tone. His voice reminds me of Placido Domingo. His body language speaks to me. He is polite and educated and very humble. I had been given these types of opportunities when I was just starting out, and I am grateful for those opportunities and I want to be able to give back." 

The song the two will sing is a surprise, but it will most likely be an Italian classic, says Valenti, who lives in Los Angeles, but has also resided in New York, London and Amsterdam. 
"I have loved living in many places," Valenti says. "That has enriched my life in so many ways. I tell people to follow your dreams and don't be afraid. You will miss the friends you had in one place, but you will meet new friends."

Valenti speaks Italian, Dutch, English, Spanish, French and some German. This will be her fifth concert in Pittsburgh. 

"I love Pittsburgh. This is going to be special. It is nice to be able to give (Colin) this chance. … I hope the experience will stay with him forever," says Valenti, who has a PBS special, which is part of the programming of WQED. 

"He is so excited to sing with someone from Italy," Maria Aikins says. "We can't wait for their performance." 

Colin Aikins continues to be noticed for his talent and commitment to singing. He started singing in eighth grade, practicing in his house when he was home alone, and hopes to attend Julliard School in Manhattan or the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. He works with a voice teacher, Maria Spacagna, an associate professor of voice at Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland. He recently sang the national anthem at a Pittsburgh Pirates game. 
He won first place in the high school division of the 2017 Classical Singer Vocal Competition, which is a national event where 400 regional semifinalists qualified to attend. The prize included a scholarship to attend the Salzburg Festival in Austria. 

Colin finished second in the American Protégé International Voice Competition and will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York on Dec. 17, where he will be accompanied by fellow Central Catholic student, Tyler Zeik 
Next summer, Colin will take voice lessons from Domingo. 
"Your body is your instrument and you can lose a lot of money if you can't sing," says Colin Aikins, who also is also an athlete. "So I don't scream, and I take care of my voice and my body." 

JoAnne Klimovich Harrop is a Tribune-Review staff writer. 

March 2017​

Sunday, March 19 singer Giada Valenti will be part of Eataly’s Tiramisu festival. On the last day of this two week culinary event, celebrating the beloved dessert the Italian songstress will do several cooking demos at the Foodiversita, the “food university” at Eataly NYC Downtown. Together with Italian pastry company Matilde Vicenzi she will share tips and tricks making a delicious tiramisu.

Giada Valenti is currently featured on PBS all over the country with her concert special From Venice With Love. She found a creative way to promote her music, by making appearances on many morning television shows around the country doing cooking demos. The Italian songstress is very passionate about good food. On the morning shows she shares with viewers how to make a great tiramisu, while also talking about her upcoming concerts. For clips of TV appearances of Giada making tiramisu:
“I always tell people that for making a great tiramisu you need the best ingredients. One of the main ingredients of tiramisu are the Ladyfingers. My favorites are the Ladyfingers of Matilde Vicenzi. These Italian cookies are found almost everywhere in the United States.”

About Giada Valenti

Giada Valenti is an award winning singer and songwriter, born and raised in Venice, Italy. She is known for her stunning television special “From Venice With Love” on PBS, which since its debut in December 2015 has been aired close to 600 times all around the United States. Giada, who sings and speaks in five languages, takes her audience in this television special on her romantic journey performing her own interpretations of hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s. But her career started in Europe where she was signed as as a 
young singer with record label Sony BMG and had hits climb directly to the top of the charts. She has received critically acclaimed awards such as the prestigious San Remo Giovanni Talenti Nel Mondo and Festival di Castrocaro. For the past eleven years Giada, currently resident of Los Angeles, has released her CDs “And I Love You So, “Italian Signorina” and “My Lullaby” garnering rave reviews. She has been featured on ABC, CBS, PBS Television and NBC during the special broadcast performing on the Red Carpet of the Columbus Day Parade in New York City. The people of Italy continue their love with Giada, particularly the press who continuously following her career and cover on Italian media and television. In 2010, Giada was honored by the Commission for Social Justice of the Order Sons of Italy in America, and in 2011, has been awarded the Merit of Honor by the Borough President of Queens, NY for Her Outstanding Cultural Contributions To The Italian Community In the United States. In September 2016 she kicked of a 40 city tour around the United States.

About Matilde Vicenzi

In 1905, Matilde Vicenzi opened her first pastry shop on the outskirts of Verona (Italy), where she carefully made her cookies and pastries with passion. The small artisan pastry shop grew over the years into a 100+ million company. Today we sacredly preserve Matilde’s recipe book, applying her creations as a current source of inspiration for our sweet foundation. Over 110 years, innovation and tradition have remained the fundamental ingredients of our success. And today, as in the past, the “Pasticceria Matilde Vicenzi” brand brings a feminine touch to the patisserie tradition and keeps being the symbol of Italian Fine Pastry all over the world.

About Eataly

Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world, comprising a variety of restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cooking school. Eataly was founded by Oscar Farinetti, an entrepreneur, formerly involved in the consumer electronics business, and collaborates with Slow Food. In the United States it has stores in New York City, Boston, Chicago and soon in Los Angeles

March 2017​​

Monday, March 13 at 7pm Italian singer Giada Valenti will be live in the studio of PBS39 in Bethlehem, PA. She will do live interviews in the pledge breaks of the broadcast of her concert special entitled From Venice With Love. The Italian songstress is celebrating the 500th airing of her concert special with this broadcast on PBS39. In her show she takes viewers of PBS38 again on a romantic and magical journey as she performs her own interpretations of American and Italian hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Born and raised in Venice, Giada has always been influenced by her hometown, bringing its magic and passion to her musical style.

GIADA VALENTI: FROM VENICE WITH LOVE is airing again Monday, March 13 at 7:00pm at PBS39, with re-airings on that same week on PBS39 as well as PBS WHYY.
Giada Valenti’s music special is part of the special programming of PBS39 and PBS WHYY. This PBS special also promotes a concert Giada Valenti will do Saturday, June 17 at Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA.

Ten years ago Giada came to the United States with the dream bring the romance of her Venice with music to the United States. But this dream got terrible disrupted when she got sick which even almost cost her life. Then in 2012 doctors finally found out why she was fainting on almost a daily basis. She had major surgery where three tumors were removed from her pancreas. She fought back and got completely healthy again. She is working hard at the moment to get her career back on track. She did more then 20 showcases in small room above a restaurant in NYC that she could use for free from a friend, and invited people that might be able to help her. Her hard work is rewarded with this stunning PBS Special.

​Giada, who sings and speaks in five languages, performs love songs originally made famous by The Carpenters, Rosemary Clooney, The Beatles, The Doors, Christina Perri, The BeeGees, Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Roberta Flack, Bread, Domenico Modugno and many more.

​​​Giada’s voice and spirit touches the heart of her audience as she performs songs from multiple genres, from the haunting ballad “La Vie En Rose” to the rock classic “Light My Fire.” A natural storyteller, Giada shares anecdotes and personal tales from her past, creating a genuine connection with her audience.

​​​Accompanied by a 26-piece orchestra, Giada is costumed in stunning dresses that were specially made for her in Venice. The extraordinary set design, staging and décor feature elements that are typical of Venice. The chandelier, a focal point, is made of 2,000 pieces of Venetian crystal and took nearly 16 hours to assemble.

FROM VENICE WITH LOVE features top-notch production credits including arranger Chris Walden (Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Barbra Streisand, Rihanna), arranger Larry Gold (Pink, John Legend, Aretha Franklin), multi-Grammy Award-winning music producer Gregg Field (Monica Mancini, Gloria Estefan, Arturo Sandoval, Barbra Streisand), television director Alex Coletti (PBS specials for Josh Groban and Celtic Woman, “Christmas Tree Lighting at the White House”) and lighting designer Chris Landy (“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” and a GREAT PERFORMANCES Annie Lennox special for PBS).
Born and raised in Venice, Italy Giada Valenti started to sing and play piano at the age of seven and began touring professionally with a band by age twelve.
​She studied piano and music theory at the Santa Cecilia music school in Venice and received her music degree at the G. Tartini in Trieste. She also studied jazz with American singer Dawn Mitchell.

​In Italy she has won several important music awards including the prestigious La Grande Occasione and Festival di Castrocaro. While she was studying psychology at the University of Padova, she met the love of her life and moved to The Netherlands. She participated in the song contest San Remo New Talents in the World, held annually for Italians living abroad and won with her pop ballad “Solo Con Te” (“Only With You”). This led her to a record contract with BMG Ariola in Europe and several hits on the charts, as well as the use of her music in radio and television commercials.

​In 2004 she moved to the U.S. and her self-released CD “Italian Signorina” was launched to great reviews in December 2005. It featured the song “Caruso” that she performed on the red carpet at the New York City Columbus Day Parade in 2005, 2006, and 2007;  she has been featured in the parade every year since.

Producer Sonny Grosso and musical director Phil Ramone selected Giada for a role in the Broadway musical Be My Love, based on the life story of tenor Mario Lanza. In 2008 iTunes selected her version of the song “Caruso” as one of the 50 best songs in the Italian language. In 2005 and 2006, she performed her own original shows “La Dolce Vita Swings” and “Moonlight and Romance” in sold-out theaters in New York. In June 2007 she made her debut at Feinstein’s at the Regency Hotel in New York City. With her show “Tribute To The European Divas,” featuring the music of such great female singers as Edith Piaf, Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey, Mina and Ornella Vanoni, she became a regular performer at this prestigious venue until its closing in 2012. In 2009 she made her debut in Atlantic City at the Hilton Casino Hotel.

She has received many awards in the U.S. from organizations including the Organization of Italian Charities In America, which named her Woman of the Year (2008), the Commission for Social Justice of the Order Sons of Italy in America for being a good Italian role model (2010), the Merit of Honor by the Borough President of Queens, NY for her outstanding cultural contribution to the Italian community in the USA (2011), the Saint Brigid Parish for her Distinguished Service in Promulgating the Beauty and Value of Italian Culture and Heritage (2012), and the Italian American Labor Council for her Work, Achievements and Life Dedication to Music (2012). Giada is also a nine-time recipient of a grant from the NIAF Sergio Franchi Music Foundation.

Like many Italians, Giada is passionate about food. She loves to experiment in the kitchen herself, but loves it even more to enjoy a good meal with friends in a nice restaurant. She is member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, an by the Italian Government recognized cultural organization that checks out Italian restaurants in the World.

Giada expresses the love for hometown Venice and for things Italian by writing almost daily fun facts and special stories on social media. Several of her stories have been shared by the Huffington Post and other popular websites about Italy and luxury life style.
March 2017


Italian recording artist Giada Valenti, who has performed on Broadway, will be live in the studios of PBS station WLVT-TV Channel 39 in Bethlehem at 7 p.m. March 13 during the airing of her concert special "From Venice With Love."

Valenti will do live interviews during pledge breaks in the broadcast, which celebrates the 500th airing of her concert special in which she interpretsAmerican and Italian hits from the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

This show also will promote concerts by Valenti at 3 and 8 p.m. June 17 at Sellersville Theater 1894. 

Tickets to those shows, at $35 and $50, are available at and 
215-257-5808.  Meet-and-greet opportunities also will be available at that show; call the box office for details.

The television special also will air on WHYY-TV Channel 12, the PBS station serving the Philadelphia area, and will re-air later in the week.

Born and raised in Venice, Valenti won several important music awards including the prestigious La Grande Occasione and Festival di Castrocaro. She won the song contest San Remo New Talents in the World, held annually for Italians living abroad, and won with her pop ballad "Solo Con Te" ("Only With You"), which led her to a record contract with BMG Ariola in Europe and several hits on the charts, as well as the use of her music in radio and television commercials.
A dozen years ago she came to the United States, but in 2012 had to have major surgery to remove three tumors from her pancreas. ​

She performed her song "Caruso" at the New York City Columbus Day Parade in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and has been featured in the parade every year since.

She had a role in the Broadway musical "Be My Love," based on the life of tenor Mario Lanza. In 2008 iTunes selected her version of "Caruso" as one of the 50 best songs in the Italian language.

She since has played regularly at theaters in New York and Atlantic City.

Valenti, who sings and speaks in five languages, performs love songs originally made famous by The Carpenters, Rosemary Clooney, The Beatles, The Doors, Christina Perri, The BeeGees, Linda Ronstadt, Dusty Springfield, Roberta Flack, Bread, Domenico Modugno and more.

In the special, she's accompanied by a 26-piece orchestra. 
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